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Chances are high that when you’re buying a brand new car, used project car, or a replacement daily driver, it’s gonna come with a lame license plate frame. Who’s trying to rep that dealership that just tried to catch you on a 27.69% APR for 128 months on a car that you KNOW you’re going to be throwing parts at anyway? Are you really trying to run that bedazzled chrome rectangle around your plate? The good thing is, Hoonigan’s got ya covered. Kill All Tires, Tire Slayer, Oil Leakers, and more – we’ve probably got a plate that helps you flex what your car does best. And if you’re trying to go with a clean plate look, we’ve got those too – with designs inspired by the state that you’re probably registered in right now. Grab one today… and maybe an extra for your pal.


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Fuel OFF-ROAD Plate Frame

Fuel OFF-ROAD Plate Frame

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