Hoonigan Logo Lanyards

The lanyard – an absolute staple in automotive accessories since the dawn of time (probably). When we sit around the project car campfire, talking about what kind of stuff we want to make and use, the lanyard is right up there with hats and tees. It’s got multiple uses: stunt on your friends with lanyards of lesser brands, do that lanyard flip thing where you wind and unwind it when you’re bored, use it as a spare belt, or maybe a tie-off of some rogue hose that’s about to get chopped by your radiator fan. Or… just use it for an easier way to get to your keys. With different designs like the BLOT or the classic Kill All Tires logo, we’ve got you covered on this brilliant invention.


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Hoonigan GYMKHANA 2022 SKID TEAM Lanyard 9 reviews

Earn 11 entries with this purchase
Hoonigan STARS & STRIPES Lanyard

Hoonigan STARS & STRIPES Lanyard 54 reviews

Earn 10 entries with this purchase
Hoonigan SCATTER PRINT Lanyard

Hoonigan SCATTER PRINT Lanyard 25 reviews

Earn 10 entries with this purchase

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