Our 400hp V8 Swapped Merch Van is DONE - Already Ripping 3rd Gear Burnouts

Garage Garage : Season 13, Episode 7

December 31, 2019

Our merch van is officially DONE - and it rips burnies with the best of 'em. 400+ horsepower in a Chevy P10 van on air ride, with custom storage in the back, and much more. Does anyone miss your Hoonigan apparel shipments smelling like tire smoke? Miss it no longer. Swing by any event that we're running this thing at, and your gear is guaranteed to smell like tires that have been sent to the heavens.

Special thanks to our sponsors!

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B&M Transmission- https://www.holley.com/products/drivetrain/transmissions/parts/118002BM


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