Garage Garage

Garage Garage

14 Seasons
98 Episodes

A build show that’s anything but common. We let our squad of in-house knuckle busters turn their dreams into the stuff nightmares are made of. From cutting a Volvo wagon in half, to swapping a 750 cc 2-stroke snowmobile drivetrain into a Formula One-inspired golf cart. Don’t worry, we have GREAT insurance.



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Season 12

9 Seconds Ain't Easy: Dyno Time and a Brand New Look for Brad's Twin Turbo LS Chevy S10 Drag Truck!

Season 12, Episode 18

Street Driving (and Street Breaking) The Build & Battle Chevy S10 Drag Truck!

Season 12, Episode 17

First Fire on the Twin Turbo S10... It Lives! But For How Long??

Season 12, Episode 16

Nitrous Powered Shifter! And Dropping More Weight on the Quest to a 9 second 1/4 mile

Season 12, Episode 15

Can This Junkyard LS V8 Take Twin Turbo Power? Compression Testing the Chevy S10's Iron Block

Season 12, Episode 14

The Build & Battle Chevy S10 Goes Twin Turbo! Bad Daddy Braddy Goes as Fast as $5,000 can get him

Season 12, Episode 13

$5000 and 10 days to Make Bad Daddy Braddy's Chevy S10 Go 9 Seconds in the 1/4!

Season 12, Episode 12

New Project Truck! '74 GMC Wrecker/Tow Truck, AKA the Burnyard's New Bouncer

Season 12, Episode 11

Sh*tcar's Brand New Rattlecan Livery Revealed! Our $350 BMW E36 is Reborn

Season 12, Episode 10

Sh#tcar Goes to the Dyno!! Then We Immediately Crash it. SR20 BMW Horsepower Numbers

Season 12, Episode 9

First Drive in Sh#tcar! Getting our Nissan SR20 Powered BMW Dyno-Ready

Season 12, Episode 8

Sh*tcar LIVES! Wiring and Firing Our SR20 Swapped $350 BMW With Jimmy Oakes

Season 12, Episode 7

Final Prep Before Firing Up: Our Nissan SR20 Powered BMW E36 Sh*tcar!

Season 12, Episode 6

Custom Blast Pipe for our SR20 Powered Sh*tcar BMW E36

Season 12, Episode 5

Nissan SR20 Fits Perfectly in Sh*tcar! Our Cheap BMW Gets a Serious Upgrade

Season 12, Episode 4

$350 Sh#tcar's New Powerplant: Nissan SR20 Engine Teardown and Rebuild

Season 12, Episode 3

Nissan Motor in a BMW?? Our $350 E36 Sh*tcar Gets a Turbo SR20

Season 12, Episode 2

Our $350 BMW E36 Sh!tCar Returns! Time for a New Old Motor

Season 12, Episode 1

Season 13

Season 14