Hoonigan This vs. That!

Welcome! You're probably reading this because you're either at LS Fest West, or you wish you were. 
Why are we here?
A. Holley and LS Fest is an amazing time.
B. We're scouting for cars to invite out to our oddball drag racing show, This vs. That! 

So how does it work? Easy.
- All weekend long, we'll be out looking for our favorite builds - and placing cards on the ones that we want to hear more about. 
- If you got a card on your build, bring it by the Hoonigan display at one of the times below. 
- Haven't gotten a card yet, but think your build is the best one around? Stop by the Hoonigan booth (located next to the Holley trailer) and let us know what you've got. (Don't bring your car... yet. Let us know what you've got.)
- It doesn’t matter if it’s a drag car, off-road truck, autocross car, drift car, or a wild one-off build. If you've seen the show, you know we're down to get some weird matchups going.