ENGINE REVEAL: Zac’s OBS Chevy 2dr Tahoe 4x4 Drag Truck

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The time has come to finally reveal the engine and transmission that will propel Zac’s OBS 2 door Tahoe into single digit 1/4 mile times. That engine is a Texas Speed built, FORD GODZILLA motor. But this is no ordinary Godzilla 7.3. The crew at Texas Speed and Performance have upgraded the entire rotating assembly and valvetrain, ported the heads, and topped it off with one of their Titan Intake manifolds. Handling shifting duties is a Gearstar Transmissions 4L85e Level 4 transmission, backed by an NP208 transfer case which was also modified by GearStar.

Watch the first part of the build: https://youtu.be/VE-yOGSQ688

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