Auto to Manual Swap: JZX90 Mark II Goes Five Speed. Ultimate JDM Daily?

Staff Inspection : Season 1, Episode 24

April 20, 2019

When it comes to getting gully with cars, three pedals are usually better than two - especially on turbo cars. So Roncar ponies up and does the swap that his JZX90 Mark II has been begging for: a crispy new R154 with all the goods.


Part numbers are from

New JZX100 R154 Transmission (with tripod and speedo gear option): DM3513

Stage 3.5 clutch kit: DM3326

Clutch Fork: DM2650

Clutch master cylinder: DM304

Clutch Slave cylinder: DM44

Clutch hose: DM53

Clutch hub w/washers and clips: DM296

Clutch release bearing: DM294

Pressure plate bolt set: DM295

Block bolt set: DM123

Flywheel: DM3066

Flywheel bolts: DM153

Marlin Crawler VSS: DM693

Transmission Mount Kit: DM2643