NEW PROJECT CAR! Can We Save This Old M3 From the Scrap Yard?

Knuckle Busters : Season 1 , Episode 1

July 18, 2018

Welcome to Knuckle Busters: the show where we take our builds to the next level by involving actual experts. In this episode, we introduce you to our new just-missed-the-junkyard BMW e36 M3 project car, and the engine that’s going to save it. Danger Dan tells us why we chose to go V8 over the stock lump. And Vin takes a trip to Edelbrock USA to start the engine build - and learns all about camshaft science in the process.

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Parts used:


52LB Compact Style Fuel Injectors - (Part number: 15907)

Cross-Ram Intake Manifold (Black) - (Part number: 71413)

Fuel Rails for Cross Ram Intake Manifold - (Part number: 3654)

Hydraulic Roller Camshaft (.631" lift, 114-degree lobe separation - Part number: 2219)

E-CNC LS3 Heads - (Part number: 61319)

Two-Piece aluminum timing cover - (Part number: 4254)

Two-Piece Water Pump - (Part number: 8896)

Billet Water Pump Pulley - (Part number: 8898)

RPM-Link Timing chain set - (Part number: 7343)

Ford 289-302 Pushrod 7.700" - (Part number: 9659)


Factory GM Crankshaft (Part number: 12588614)

SDPC Racechop - LS1 346 Piston Quick Kit. (Part number: SD3461KP2)


Set of LS1 SCAT H-Beam Rods (Part number: 66100945)


E36 LS1 - Complete Stage 0 Kit

E36 LS1 - Drop In Fuel Pump Kit