Rob Dahm’s 1,000hp 3 Rotor RX-7 vs. Travis Pastrana’s Gymkhana 2020 Subaru STI // Flying Finish

You know our boy Rob Dahm will never say no to a race – he’s a real one for that. So when the opportunity came around to race Travis Pastrana in his Gymkhana 2020 Subaru STI, Rob brought out his first love – and second favorite project. The car that kicked off his channel. The car that he learned how to build from. The car that made Rob Dahm into Rob Dahm: his 3 rotor FD RX-7. Is 1000hp and slicks enough to take on Travis Pastrana in his weapon of an AWD Subaru STI?

Thanks to Subaru of America:


Thanks to Travis Pastrana:

Ep 03

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