The 300SL You Didn't Expect

The 300SL You Didn't Expect

Written By: Louis Yio

May 17, 2019

There have only been a small handful of times when I’ve been completely blown away by a truly unique build. Anytime I think that it’s all been done, someone comes up with an idea of doing something no one has actually thought of. I guess with an almost endless number of engine and chassis combinations, it’s almost expected. But even when expecting the unexpected, some builds out there are just so out of the world that I still get a rush from the cars and their builders.

One such person that consistently gives me the chills with his builds is John Sarkisyan. I photographed his replica 356 Outlaw back in 2016 and during the shoot, he was teasing me with an idea he had marinating in his mind. He said he wanted to build a 300SL. I don’t know much about Mercedes but I know one thing; the 300SL one of those holy grail cars worth more than my actual existence.

Come SEMA 2018, John rolls onto the Toyo Pavilion with his freshly built 300SL, along with his 993 Speedster that he built alongside the 300SL. How he and his team managed to complete two insane SEMA projects is beyond me.

I linked back up with him and after giving me the quick rundown of how he managed to complete the build, I really wanted to showcase it as best as I could.

You can watch Larry’s full breakdown of the 300SL with John on the Autofocus Channel now.

And don’t worry about the 993 as we have a video of it coming up in the near future as well.

Make sure to check out the rest of the images as they’re all in 4K and are FREE to download.

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