Presented by Ford Performance: Ken Block's The Climbkhana Files is an epic 3-part behind-the-scenes mini-documentary series offering a look into what it took to coordinate, drive, and film Climbkhana TWO.

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In this third and final episode of the series Ken Block and the Hoonigan crew prepare to capture the final features and tricks for Climbkhana TWO on the top half of the mountain. Starting the day with less than favorable weather conditions, it's a game of patience waiting for the fog to dissipate and reveal two of the films most important features - the Heavens's Gate Key Hole - and the Layer Cake section of the road that attracted Ken to this epic location in the first place. The Payoff is well worth the wait as the behind the scenes action and camaraderie of the crew to round out 3 full days of filming on one of the worlds most dangerous roads makes for an epic final episode!

The Climbkhana Files gives viewers the same raw and unscripted behind-the-scenes storytelling from the creative team (Hoonigan Media Machine) that brought you The Gymkhana Files - the 3x Emmy nominated series launched on Amazon Prime in November of 2018.

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