Is a Corvette the Perfect Reliable Drift Car?? Matt Field's C6 'Vette From Drift Week 2020

Auto Focus Channel : Season 2, Episode 17

February 16, 2020

It's 2020 and LS swaps are a dime a dozen - it's almost guaranteed you'll hear one at any drift event. But some people take a look at that swap, and say... why separate the motor from the original car? If you're into drifting in any way, you've probably heard of Matt Field - who has asked the same question before. And that's how he ended up running Corvettes as a daily, as a competition car, and as a drift beater. While he did have one major driveline issue during Drift Week 2020, in general the car is stout as can be and still has all the creature comforts of a standard 'Vette. Dammit Matt, you've got us thinking bad things now.

Ep. 115

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