Adam LZ's JZX100 Toyota Chaser is the Perfect Luxury Road Tripper for Drift Week 2020

Auto Focus Channel : Season 2, Episode 18

February 18, 2020

The legendary Toyota JZX chassis cars: Crestas, Mark IIs, and Chasers, were luxury highway barges of their time. Think of it as a JDM BMW M5. But somewhere along the line, they became extremely cheap to buy in Japan. So all the hardcore seat time drivers at places like Ebisu circuit fell in love with the price, power, and durability of JZX cars. So after many trips to Japan and Ebisu, Mr. Adam LZ figured he really needed a JZX100 (or two) stateside. While this one has been crashed and smashed around, it was the perfect candidate for a car that you can drive with reckless abandon. Which is exactly what you need for something like Drift Week 2020. 

Ep. 116

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