Danger Dan is BACK! And so is the Kei Truck. Man, what a day in the Hoonigan Donut Garage. While we've had Dan hidden and plugging away at a wild project that we still can't tell you about, his project 2JZ swapped Nissan 240sx has been collecting dust. There's only so much fab you can do in a day, you know. But a man's gotta drive, so Dan sped up the process by getting another black S14 - sans motor - from the good homie Will Roegge. And over the course of a weekend, swapped his 2JZ torque monster over to the more finished shell. Yeah, we realize we're getting a little ridiculous with this "two of the same car" thing. Whatever. It works.

Oh yeah, and all of you have been asking about Kei Truck - IT'S BACK. And we're gonna be giving it some attention. And we've got a brand new/old builder joining us. Stay tuned.