BMW “1M”, Evo, and M3 Trackday Prep With the Boys! 621 Golden Ep.004

621 Golden : Season 1, Episode 4

February 13, 2020

It's that perfect time in California for road course sessions - not too hot, not too cold - for consistent lapping and no overheats. And also, sweating profusely between sessions is pretty lame. Anyway: a few of the Carcaine Cowboys Vin, Roncar, and Berno have a track day coming up, and each of their white track rats need some work to get track-ready. Vin's BMW E46 M3 is getting some fat 'ol 275/18" slicks, as well as some axle maintenance and a fluid flush. Roncar's Evo 9 is getting its first ever track prep, so it's a simple brakes/fluid/suspension update. And Berno's 1M is chasing some mystery leaks. This is all to get ready for a Sunday with the boys at Buttonwillow raceway, put on by our friends at OnGrid. Oh, and we may have swapped around some white TE37s for this ILL thumbnail.