V8 BMW E36 Camper Lemons Race Car

: Season , Episode 3

May 07, 2018

Run Time: 22:28

With the 24 Hours of LeMons, anything goes. Well, anything goes as long as your budget doesn’t exceed 500 bucks. And even then, a collection of fine spirits – or a cool theme to one’s build – can make the judges look the other way. That's our kind of race series. The guys from Black Iron Racing swing by the Garage to show how their “totally legit” E36 qualifies for this prestigious race – and then they beat on the car in our Yard. Camper attached and all. 


Owner/Driver: Chris Floren, Dan Gielas, Nathan Theiss, Alex Vendler @blackironracing

Car: 1994 BMW 325i (E36) Camper

Engine/Powertrain: 5.3L V8 (LM7) from 2004 Chevy Suburban, homemade intake and exhaust, otherwise stock

Transmission: Super T-10 4-speed from a '78 Pontiac Trans Am

Exterior: Camper conversion (luan plywood and insulation foam), Russian eBay fender flares, 1987 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue grille

Interior: Full cage, provisions for two racing seats, Amazon tablet dash, simu-wood gauge panel

Electronics: Stock GM ECU, lots of random gauges, Baofeng radio system, electric power steering from a Prius

Wheels/Tires: Falken Azenis RT615K+, 255/40ZR17, square setup, on OE BMW Style 32 wheels (17x9)

Suspension/Brakes: Totally non-cheaty suspension. E36 M3 brakes, Porterfield pads, Jeep CJ5 rear roll bar.

Misc: Driveshaft is homemade single piece, diff is welded stock E36. That's about it!