Is the Mitsubishi Evo IX the World's Best Street/Track Car?

VHS : Season 2, Episode 2

February 17, 2020

We're all a product of out environment - and for better or for worse, our automotive preferences reflect that. Which is why when young Roncar began his photography career on the stages of the World Rally Championship, rally cars became his jam. But while the Citroen C4s and Ford Focuses of the day were dominating the stages, their street car counterparts were... well, super boring. 'Watered down' doesn't even begin to describe how far off the pedestrian version of the rally car was. But the Mitsubishi Evos and Subaru STIs of the time - those were damn exciting. All-wheel-drive, turbo'd platforms with enough potential to embarrass cars two to three times their own price range. So when it came time to pick a dream daily, Roncar opted for his vision of street rally perfection: The Evo IX RS. And when that glorious CT9A got wrecked, he had a choice to make once again: an Evo IX RS. Yeah, two of the same car. Same trim. Same year. Look, we're not pretending to understand it either.