1,100hp Nissan 370z Pro Drift Car vs. 800+hp Audi RS3 // This vs That

This vs That : Season 1, Episode 2

August 17, 2020

Pro drift cars are no joke these days. Engine swaps are rule-free, horsepower is unlimited, and teams have evolved to real motorsport style budgets. What you end up with, is a car like Chris Forsberg’s comp-spec, GTR powered 370z pro drift car: gobs of horsepower and feather weight. But they’re drift cars, so they’re engineered to break traction. On the other end? Audi’s RS3, which has come into the streets with a reputation for playing GTR power games for less cash. At the hands of the Malaka Racing boys, can an AWD street car beat the Forsberg’s full blown FD build?

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Ep 2

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