What’s happening at Hoonigan?? // Tangents(?) - The ONE HOUR SPECIAL!

Tangents is back! Well kind of? Whatever this show is, it's new but also back? Anyway...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! A lot of you have been worried about the lack of uploads on our channel. We (Scotto) didn't lose our password again, we just decided to give our (shr)editors the month of January off to relax and prepare to themselves to drop the absolute best content possible on your heads for the rest of the year (this is the part where you say thank you to our editors).

Here's a mega update of some things that have been going on around Tire Slayer Studios:

00:00 GYMKHANA with Travis Pastrana is on the way!
03:38  @Lone Star Drift 's Drift Week came through and destroyed the lot
08:23 Vin sells a Porsche
08:59 Hert buys a GTR
19:55 Alex and Suppy fix the "yard car" Corvette
26:07 We had a Christmas party and took the entire company for drift ride alongs
28:00 Ron does donuts in his Carcaine Abroad Lancia Delta
30:07 Twin Tesla Powered C10 Build Breakdown
37:13 Hoonigan Club Days Cool cars doing cool car things oh wait that's the whole video
37:42 Scotto eats donuts
40:23 The Napalm Nova comes back to life even though it wasn't actually dead?
46:45 Nürburgring TAXI
52:26  @Adam LZ 's LZ Invitational

Long story short, WE'RE BACK! Grab some popcorn and enjoy the ******* show.

Ep 1

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