Chopping up Vin's 500hp 1JZ Swapped 240sx: Wide Wheel Prep!

Staff Inspection : Season 1, Episode 40

September 07, 2019

It was bound to happen: the influence of the Johnnies takes no prisoners. Vin wanted to stay stock width/stock body panels... he really did. But big wheels mean big clearance issues, and with plans to add more meat to the car, and more wheel, wide fenders were just a matter of time. So join Vin on a trip to his garage, and a date with a cutoff wheel. 

Thanks to:

Aem Electronics - @aemelectronics

Bisimoto- @bisimoto

Car specs:

1JZ VVT-I (stock) 

AEM Infinity with CD-5 Display

CD009 trans- Collins adapter kit 

Garret GTX3076r GenII (.82 housing) 

Plasmaman Intake manifold/intercooler/fuel rail

Deatschwerks 1200cc injectors / 400 in-tank pump

Ignite Red Fuel