First Dyno Run in the Texas Speed Powered Chevy C10 Chopper Hauler!

Staff Inspection : Season 1, Episode 43

September 28, 2019

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It's one of the best (or worst) times in a new build's life: DYNO TIME. That time where all of your hard work gets put to the test, for everyone to see - and where you may have even more work cut out for you. In this case, we think Zac can squeeze a few dozen more angry ponies out of this build. But yeah, 500+ at the wheels with a bench seat?? Perfect.

Thanks to the partners on this build:
Texas Speed & Performance - @texasspeed
Gear Star Transmissions - @gearstarpro
QA1 Motorsports - @QA1motorsports
Holley - @holleyperformance
Vintage Air - @vintageair_
Billet Specialties- @billetspecialties
Painless Performance Products - @painlesswiring
Dakota Digital - @dakota_digital
Currie Enterprises - @currieenterprises
Detroit Steel Wheels - @detroitsteelwheelco
Squarebody Syndicate - @squarebodysyndicate
Motion Race Works - @motionraceworks