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This vs That

49 Episodes

This vs. That



Season 1

1000hp McLaren 720S vs Tesla Model S Plaid // This vs That

650hp big block Ford Bronco vs 40hp fully-built Honda Grom! // This VS That

Dancing Dan Rue’s 1400hp R35 GTR vs 1370hp Ford Mustang! //This VS That

Acura Integra Type R vs Honda S2000! FWD vs RWD VTEC drag race. // THIS vs THAT

Brand New Porsche Cayman VS the Hoonigan Undefeated Merch Van // This vs That

715hp V12 Lamborghini Aventador our 565hp Audi RS3 races! // This VS That

Hand-built widebody 808hp TRANS AM vs Time Attack E36 M3 // This VS That

Honda Civic vs. Mazda Miata Epic Showdown: Danger Dan Races Nads’ B20 EG! // This vs. That

McLaren 765LT Races an 80s Chevy Wagon… With an LS3 and Slicks

750hp C63 AMG Faces a Twin Turbo Mustang on Big Slicks // This vs. That

Skyline vs. Hyundai? 600-ish hp R33 GT-R Races a 500hp Genesis // This vs. That[HOONIGAN]

C8 Corvette Races a Turbo Hayabusa Powered Sierra Alpha Racecar // This vs. That

700hp Audi RS6 Avant vs. Tesla Model S Apex: Ultimate Daily Driver Showdown // This vs. That

1,500hp Audi R8 Races a 240hp Harley Drag Bike… With Nitrous! // This vs. That

3,500hp Drag Race… R35 GT-R vs. C6 Corvette, 7 Second Showdown! // This vs. That

Acura NSX Races an FD RX-7: JDM Hero Showdown! // This vs. That

Rob Dahm’s 3 Rotor RX-7 Races a Ferrari 488 Pista, Things Get Sketchy // This vs. That

610hp Sequential Shifting Trans-Am vs. a Ferrari 488 Pista... With a Le Mans Start! // This vs. That

1,200whp GT-R vs. ‘67 Big Block Drag Camaro. 8 Second Import/Domestic Battle // This vs. That

1,300hp Altima Drift Car Races a Twin Turbo, 1000hp Hellcat // This vs. That

1,100hp Integra GSR vs. a Big Block Police Car ’67 Cuda, Import/Domestic Battle! // This vs. That

Sequential Swapped IS300 Daily Driver vs. 565hp Chevy C10 Work Truck… on Spray! // This vs. That

Race Spec Banshee vs. Emelia Hartford in the World's Fastest C8 Corvette // This vs. That

K20C Turbo Swapped AE86 vs. a 2021 Civic Type R. Same Engine, Two Ways! // This vs. That

Racing the New $100k Ram TRX Against Blake Wilkey’s 650hp Race Buggy // This vs. That

Coco Zurita’s RWD R35 GT-R Roll Races Michele Abbate's Trans-Am Series Racecar // This vs. That

Porsche Taycan vs. World's Fastest C8 Corvette With Emelia Hartford // This vs. That

68,000lb Drag Race!? 8x8 HEMTT Races our Ford F-450… Towing THREE Cars // This vs. That

New School AWD Battle: 700hp GTR vs. 675hp Evo X // This vs. That

AWD Swapped, Turbo V8 Cutlass vs. Tanner Foust’s 850hp Drift Taxi // This vs. That

1,400hp Corvette vs. 600hp ’27 Dodge. Twin Turbo LS Done Two Very Different Ways! // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 18

LS vs Hemi in a V8 Swap Battle! 6.4l Hemi Jeep Races our Knuckle Busters BMW M3

Season 1, Episode 17

Electric vs. V8! Tesla Model S Races a LS Swapped BMW E46 // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 16

Can a 700hp Supercharged Minivan Beat a V10 Audi R8? // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 15

Is Hert’s 600hp GS300 Faster Than a C8 Corvette? // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 14

’66 Big Block Nova vs. 950hp Corvette (Drift vs. Drag Battle) // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 13

Our 400hp Chevy Merch Van vs. All. It’s Faster Than We Thought!!

Season 1, Episode 12

Can a 1JZ Swapped 240sx Beat a Dodge Viper ACR?

Season 1, Episode 11

Is a Modern Family SUV Faster Than an 80s Turbo Legend? Grand National vs. Palisade // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 11

AWD Power Battle: Audi RS3 vs. Mitsubishi Evo // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 10

MKIV Supra vs. The World’s Most Rowdy LS7 Passat (With 8 to 1 Headers!) // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 9

707hp Jeep Trackhawk vs. Tuned 2020 Supra Showdown // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 8

Porsche GT3 vs. LS3 V8 Swapped Chevy C10 // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 7

850hp Big Block V8 Camaro vs. 900+hp Pro Drift Corolla // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 6

Supercharged Huracan vs Dodge Demon // This vs That

Season 1, Episode 5

1JZ Swapped 240sx races a LS3 Chevy C10, the Vin vs. Zac Showdown! // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 4

Is a New Maxima Faster Than an R32 GT-R?? // This vs. That

Season 1, Episode 3

1,100hp Nissan 370z Pro Drift Car vs. 800+hp Audi RS3 // This vs That

Season 1, Episode 2

2020 Toyota Supra vs. 1966 Buick Gasser // This vs That

Season 1, Episode 1