Staff Inspection

Staff Inspection

49 Episodes

When we’re not working on content of other people’s cars, we’re working on our own. This show is the Internet equivalent of being that one friend who sits back with a beer to watch his friends work on cars. Minus the shame.



Season 1

Building a Miata Kart in 12 Minutes: $200 Junker to 300hp Supercharged Mazda Exo-cart Shredder

Episode 13

Building a 550hp 1JZ Nissan 240SX - in 10 Minutes!

Episode 50

Vin's S14 is DONE! Fresh Paint, Wider BBS Wheels, More Body Chop

Episode 49

Our Editor's Abandoned C4 Corvette Gets Headers - Does it Sound Better?

Episode 48

Making Kyle's Corvette Raliable Yet Un-Practical: Slamming a C4 'Vette!

Episode 47

Abandoned Corvette C4 Runs Again! Making a Scrapyard Corvette Daily Drive-able

Episode 46

Reviving our Editor's Junker C4 Corvette, Can it be Saved?

Episode 45

Scrapyard C4 Corvette C4 Gets Rescued + Custom Cut Door Panels!

Episode 44

First Dyno Run in the Texas Speed Powered Chevy C10 Chopper Hauler!

Episode 43

Texas Speed Powered Chevy C10 First Drive! Tuning the World’s Loudest Chopper Hauler

Episode 42

Stock to Slammed: Ultimate Hotboi Daily Driver Lexus LS430 Get Slammed on Air Ride

Episode 41

Chopping up Vin's 500hp 1JZ Swapped 240sx: Wide Wheel Prep!

Episode 40

NASCAR Boom Tubes & AC!? Ultimate Chevy C10 Squarebody Street Truck

Episode 39

669hp Chevy C10 Chopper Hauler Gets Race Spec Suspension - and Still Has a Bench Seat

Episode 38

Firing Up a 669hp V8 For the First Time! Zac's C10 Chopper Hauler Lives Again

Episode 37

Zac's 669hp Chevy C10 Gets Big Brakes for Big Power

Episode 36

669hp And A Bench Seat?: Zac's C10 Gets Sketchy Fast!

Episode 35

Drag Car Things With Jon's Chevy: Line Lock Install!

Episode 34

Chevy Bel Air Drag Car Gets a Plasma Cut Custom Grille! Gasser Upgrades

Episode 30

To Weld or to LSD? Daily Drifter Problems Solved

Episode 31

Easy Angle Mods! Ron's Toyota JZX90 Daily Drift Sled Gets Shred Ready.

Episode 30

Chase Gives the Tri-Five Gasser a Face! Gauges + Headlight Wiring

Episode 29

BMW M3 Goes on a Lightweight Mission: Fresh Wheels and Big Brakes

Episode 28

2JZ Install on Danger Dan's $500 Nissan 240SX!

Episode 27

Giving Tri-Five by Fire Retribution After Kall Out Kings! '55 Chevy Gets Drag Ready

Episode 26

Chevy Astro Surfari Overland Project Gets a Custom Plasma Cut Front Bumper

Episode 25

Auto to Manual Swap: JZX90 Mark II Goes Five Speed. Ultimate JDM Daily?

Episode 24

Full Imported 2JZ Engine Refresh, Built for Thrashing in Dan’s 240sx

Episode 23

Overhauling Dan's Thrashed S14 Underpinnings

Episode 22

240sx Shred Car Gets a Fully Custom Cage + FRESH Suspension!

Episode 21

S14 Drift/Shred Car Built From a $500 Shell: Danger Dan's Not-So-Secret Recipe!

Episode 20

Blown Raptor Shocks = Worst! Suspension Overhaul on Vin's Tow/Camp Rig

Episode 19

One-Off Steel Tube Bumper For the Badasstro Van!

Episode 18

Drift Stance 101: Vin's S14 Gets Fresh Kicks, Coilovers, and Driveline

Episode 17

Slammed, Chopped, and Notched: Zac's C10 Chevy Gets LOW

Episode 16

Vin's 1JZ Swapped Silvia Hits the Dyno - How Much Power Does it Make??

Episode 15

'74 Chevy C10 Chopper Hauler: Zac's First Four Wheeled Project!

Episode 14

It Runs!! Rescued S14 Drives for the First Time in 10 Years

Episode 13

Astro Van to Badasstro Van: Our Shreditor Kyle's Daily Gets the Safari Treatment

Episode 12

Jeep Becomes 200% Less of a Deathtrap! Lifted XJ Gets Steering Updates

Episode 11

Vin Steps Up His Aero Game : E46 Super Lap Battle Prep

Episode 10

Supercharged Ford Raptor Vin's Tow-ver-lander!

Episode 9

Toyota JZX 90 Drift Missle! Ron starts Modding his Japanese Import

Episode 7

Bad Daddy Braddy's Caddy Gets Power Mods to Beat Kikawa's Tesla!

Episode 6

Vin *Doesn't* Work on His 1JZ Swapped S14

Episode 5

Jeep XJ Gets Lifted on 33s. Off Road Camera Chase Vehicle Build!

Episode 4

Hert's new Streetcar Project!? FD RX-7 Finally gets Progress

Episode 3

Vin Stuffs a Fresh Turbo and Crazy Manifolds in his Nissan s14 Drift Project

Episode 2

NEW Build! - We Swap a 1jz Into Vin's Nissan s14 Drift Project

Episode 1