Plywood Wheel Burnouts - Will They Catch Fire?

Scumbag Labs : Season 1, Episode 2

August 02, 2018

Scumbag Labs: it's only episode 2, and we're already setting sh#t on fire.

In this case, Josh Mason (one of our in-house wrench daddies) had the brilliant idea to build some wheels out of plywood - just to see what happens when we do a burnout on 'em. So after a trip to the local lumber yard and some "engineering", we had ourselves the finest set of wheels we've ever made in-house here at the Hoonigan Donut Garage. 

WHEEL SPECS (in case you want this look on your own F-250)

Hoonigan Scumbag MDF 5000s

TYPE:2-ply countersunk custom aero special 

MATERIAL: Dual density Gorilla Glue-reinforced fine cabinet-grade plywood

SIZE: 20" by 5 sheets wide