Ken Block Tests & HOONS The Worlds First All Electric Rally Cross Car!

Ken Block's Cossie World Tour : Season 2, Episode 8

September 03, 2020

The all-new and all-electric Ford Fiesta ERX is a tire slaying machine like I’ve never experienced before. Built by STARD Austria for the FIA’s new World Rallycross Projekt-E race series - it’s puts down an impressive 600 horsepower and more than 800 ft. lbs. of instant torque at the drop of a single pedal (no clutch, and no shifting!).

Check it out as I meet the team for my very first drive and tire-slaying-hoonage session in Höljes Sweden. And if you needed a second opinion of how rad the acceleration and speed is in the worlds first production based electric rallycross car, check out Neil Cole’s reaction during a wild ride along!

Ep. 8

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