What do you do when the racing season is still on hold and "stay at home" is the new norm? You find rad ways to get creative and build your own Gymkhana practice course with the whole family! With Gymkhana GRiD coming back to the U.S. later this year (which I really want to win) the fam and I went full DIY to create a course with all of the gnarly obstacles you'd typically find at a GRiD event, to help me stay in shape and keep my driving skills in peak form - using my Can-Am Maverick X3, a bunch of unique items found around the race shop, with my wife Lucy and our 3 kids as the entire film crew! And since Gymkhana GRiD is a more of a head-to-head sport KEEP WATCHING till the end for an EPIC call out challenging one of my good friends and rally rival - Travis Pastrana (and family) - to build and film an episode of his own!

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