Checker or wrecker?? 16-Year-Old Jax Redline’s FIRST Rally Race - In Ken Block’s Cossie V2!!

What happens when you let a 16 year old race your top spec rally car in their first rally?? In episode 4 of "Whoopocalypse Now", we get my Baja 1000 teammate, Jax Redline prepared to race my Escort Cosworth V2 in his first ever rally at New England Forest Rally. There is a ton of work that goes into preparing for a race like this. We sent Jax to get instruction from the best in the business. First he trained with my co-driver Alex Gelsomino, then Dirtfish rally school, and finally a multiple day program at Team O'Neil rally school. Jax did exceptionally well during the first day of the race, making his way up the leaderboard and rounding out the day 7th on the road. Unfortunately, an off on day 2 led to a gearbox issue that would put him out of the race. But hey....THATS RALLY.


Ep. 15

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