Our Audi RS3 Hits the Dyno With E85, Intake, and Exhaust. How Much More WHP Will it Make??


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Big thanks to our friends at Integrated Engineering for the parts – here’s what we’re putting on today!

IE Powerlink Flash Cable
IE carbon intake
IE turbo inlet pipe
Ultra valved catback exhaust system

With all the talk of JZ this, RB that, LS everything… sometimes we need a little reminder that some modern cars make big power really, really easy. Like Audi’s RS3, for example. It blows us away with what it puts down bone stock. But throw some parts at it, and boom – you have a car that’s irresponsibly quick for almost no effort. Yeah, we’re going to need more of these things.

Thanks to K&N, Steel - It, Thermo-Tec, Rotiform.

Thanks to GEARWRENCH for the tools!

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