We Buy a Donk Project. Goal: 1000HP! Part 1 of 69

: Season , Episode 1

August 12, 2020

Late nights and lockdowns mean we're doubling up on our time searching for our dream projects, especially king Carcaine himself: Brian Scotto. With a history deep rooted in donk culture (i.e. being the editor in chief of Donk, Box, and Bubble magazine for years), Scotto has always wanted to build one. So after finding the 'perfect' (his words, not ours) '71 Caprice, it was only a matter of time before he brought it to the Donut Garage as our newest project car. The goal? 1000hp. Good paint. And of course, giant rims.

Thanks to eBay motors for supporting the donk project!



Ep 1

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