Hert’s K20 Swapped 240sx FIRST Burnout! A How Not to Clean a Home Garage

Home Wrenchers : Season 1, Episode 6

April 09, 2020

Rumor has it that if you add up the ride height of all of Hert’s cars, it’s still less than Danger Dan or Vin’s s14s. But that’s a subject for another time - today, we’re talkin’ about how dope it is to see the first clouds of smoke getting made - on purpose - from a properly finished build. Hertlife gives us a quick tour of his home garage, before cutting back to his simple seat time stallion getting wrapped up and dyno’d at Animal Auto. Along with a Danger Dan dyno session on HIS 2J swapped 240. No wrenching on Home Wrenchers? Whatever, dude.

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