Building a 600hp ’74 Chevy C10 Chopper Hauler - in 10 Minutes!

Home Wrenchers : Season 1, Episode 32

July 14, 2020

When Zac first picked up his ’74 Chevy C10, it was a humble commuter/work truck - that had NO idea about what was in store for it in the very near future. Throughout 2019, pretty much everything but the sheet metal was replaced with high-end, go fast things… like a 600+hp Texas Speed V8, a full suspension re-design from QA1, and much more. The best part? It ripped reliably. Road trips, shred sessions, chopper hauling… nothing could stop this thing from sending a set of its Michelins to the moon. Something it has exercised many, many times.

And now, YOU can win it! Check it out at for your chance to call this thing your own.

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