Travis Pastrana’s 862hp Subaru STI vs. Chris Forsberg’s 1,300hp GTR Powered Altima // Flying Finish

Welcome to Flying Finish – a This vs. That special, where we race Travis Pastrana’s Gymkhana 2020 Subaru WRX STI against the widest array of cars that we can find. BUT, there’s a twist… at the end of each run, Travis jumps his car at 100+ mph. Why? Because he can. On the exact same ramp he used to jump at the top of 6th gear in Gymkhana 2020.

Thanks to Subaru of America:


Thanks to Travis Pastrana:

Our first contender is none other than Mr. Chris Forsberg in his 1,300hp capable GTR swapped Nissan Altimaniac, a car built to party – but it also happens to be very, very fast. Is TP’s AWD system enough to make up for the power difference?

Ep 01

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