Trans Am + GT-R?

Trans Am + GT-R?

Written By: Larry Chen

July 02, 2019

I get to travel to so many amazing garages and shops. One city where shops are quite plentiful is Las Vegas. So whenever I am in Las Vegas I try to stop by my friend Gregg Hamilton's shop. I had a chance to shoot his Pontiac Firebird a few years ago and it seemed like the car culture community loved his style. It was clean, but built in a modern way with large wheels and modern fender flares. It was a hit and I still get tagged in re-posts on social media to this day.

Gregg is Ken Blocks lead mechanic, so when he is not wrenching on cars driven by the Head Hoonigan In Charge, he likes to tinker on his own creations. About two years ago I stopped by the garage and I saw what looked like a Mad Max-esque Pontiac Trans Am build. It was very rusty and it was pretty much falling apart. All that was done so far were bits of the cage, and there was a mock engine block sitting in the bay. Next to it was an entire R32 GT-R driveline, including the Nissan AWD ATTESA system. He explained to me that he wanted to build a budget Hoonicorn. That is exactly what he ended up doing. Watch the video on the Hoonigan Autofocus Channel for the full story.

I have a ton of images below, so make sure to check those out and give them a download. They’re all in 4k!

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