The Drift King of the Ring

The Drift King of the Ring

Written By: Larry Chen

May 24, 2019

The Nurburgring is what many would describe as the holy grail of race tracks. At over ten miles long with an almost countless amount of turns every few feet, it's also one of the most exciting and dangerous race tracks. Coming from a drifting background, one thing I've always wanted to see would be for someone to drift the track.

Luckily, people have done it before and probably will continue to do it, even though it's actually illegal. At least on their public track days. But my friend Vaughn Gitin Jr wanted to truly rip it up the famous track's tarmac in one of his RTR Mustangs, obviously with the track's permission of course.

No pro drifter has taken on this task before and it's something I wanted to be apart of, as he made his attempt at the Ring.

You can check out the video HERE and also the extended cut HERE.

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