Burning Tires in the Rain

Burning Tires in the Rain

Written By: Larry Chen

July 08, 2019

Back in March 2019, we hosted our first Burnyard Bash event. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't feel like cooperating and decided to rain. Being that we're in Southern California, we don't see rain that often. So the chances of it coming down on us at the first Bash was really slim. Yet it happened. Fortunately for us though, the fans came out regardless of the slightly damp weather conditions at Irwindale Speedway.

As the rain came to a halt, the shredding continued into the night. With more and more cars sliding around our yard, it started to dry out and before we realized it, that sweet sweet smoke was filling the air.

I have a ton of images below that you guys can check out. They’re all in 4k and free to download!

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