The Wildest BMW M2 Track Car Ever? 500hp Pikes Peak Spec

Daily Transmission : Season 1, Episode 72

December 18, 2019

Tyler Pappas (aka TYSPEED) started his life with this BMW M2 in the same way many of us do - a nice, reasonable daily driver with enough power to have a little bit of fun. But then you need a little more power, then better handling, then maybe some aero bits... and the next thing you know, you're hurtling up Pikes Peak in a gutted, caged, wide tire'd, diffuser-having beast of a racecar. And after credentials like that, there's only one other place to go: the Hoonigan Burnyard.

Video Credit: BMW M2 RAIN RUN | 2019 PIKES PEAK HILL CLIMB [4K60]