RWD Converted Volkswagen GTI (With a BMW V8!) is the Ripper We Didn't Know We Needed

Daily Transmission : Season 1, Episode 68

November 25, 2019

Coming up as a car person, most of us came up in one of two camps: German or Japanese. And this car right here really tugs at the 'ol German hot hatch heartstrings: a Volkswagen Golf GTI. But this ain't no typical ABA powered lump with a ton of parts and work to get it to a solid 130 horsepower... no, this thing is powered by a V8. A very convenient V8 that Mike and Alex from Ohio happened to have laying around: an M62 from a BMW 540i.

All that mixed in with some Ford Explorer and Jeep parts equal a car that looks incredibly fun (and reliable!) to rip around in. We love it, personally.