12-Car Burnyard Battle: Drift Week 2020 FINALE!

Daily Transmission : Season 1, Episode 78

February 05, 2020

Drift Week 2020 may be one of our favorite road trip stories yet: 13 drivers, 7 tracks, 4 states, and thousands of miles driven and drifted. And (almost) all the cars you see in this thumbnail completed the trip entirely on their own. So what better way to celebrate the finale of a trip like this, than in one of the places that's well-known for disrespecting body panels: the Burnyard. We broke the 12 cars down to teams of four, and let the tandem battles begin - with some of the finest driving we've seen here in a minute.

Drift Week 2020 Drivers: Aaron Losey // Adam LZ // Axel Francois // Brandon Wicknick // Chelsea Denofa // Dan Brockett // Dustin Miles // Fielding Shredder // Luke Fink // Matt Field // David Mesker // Rudy Hansen // Trevor Jameson