Our HALO Warthog's 1,000 Horsepower TWIN TURBO 438ci Ford Windsor V8 arrives! FIRST START!

FIRST START! How do we make our Halo Warthog FAST and INDESTRUCABLE all at once? First we got a 1,000+ horsepower capable fully built Ford Windsor 438ci V8 engine, added Garrett Motion twin turbos(ALL THE BOOST) to it and strapped a bullet proof Gearstar Supermatic80 Transmission with a massive pro billet torque converter along with an Atlas 2-speed transfer case. All the necessary things to make all the power and to make it strong enough to handle our gaggle of scumbags. Now that Redline Performance has built our Ford V8, Suppy and the gang got right to work and started installing and fabricating all the goodies to get our Halo Warthog started and running, enjoy! Don't forget, HALO Infinite drops DECEMBER 8TH, 2021! For more info on the release head over to xbox.com/halo.

Halo Infinite launches December 8, 2021.
For more information check out https://www.xbox.com/games/halo-infinite

Thanks to Halo and Xbox. Go check them out.
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Thanks to Miller Welders:
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Thanks to Gearwrench:
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