Chevy Powered Ford Mustang Wrecks the Yard

Build Breakdown : Season 1, Episode 8

June 18, 2018

More than a few people on the internet are gonna get mad, but Josh Mason ain’t care. Besides, when you have a fully built LS and a crashed $1000 Mustang lying around what else are you gonna do? Here’s what else you’re gonna do: bring your creation to our Yard to run Man Line.


Owner/Driver: Josh Mason @mason_drives

Car: 2010 Ford Mustang

Engine/Powertrain: LS swap, 5.3-liter turbo V8, 556 rwhp, iron block, stock heads, stock rotating assembly

Transmission: T56

Exterior: Converted from a 2005 Mustang to a 2010 Mustang. Fiberglass front fenders and carbon fiber rear quarter panels sourced from a Falken Formula Drift-spec Mustang.

Interior: Full Formula Drift-spec cage, Tilton pedal box, Sparco seats – all fabrication by Josh Mason

Electronics: Stock GM ECU

Wheels/Tires: FXXR 557 wheels; Accelera tires

Suspension/Brakes: Angle kit developed and built by Josh Mason; FEAL coilovers; Curric 9-in. rear end

Misc: 100% built by Josh Mason