1,300hp Front-Engined Acura NSX is Old School Import Drag Racing Royalty

Build Biology : Season 3, Episode 2

May 05, 2020

Adam Saruwatari is a very humble man for being the driver/owner of this w i l d 1,300 horsepower Pro Stock spec NSX. But then again, growing up on a farm and putting in the work there can have that effect. While Adam isn’t one to brag, his credentials speak for themselves. An absolute legend in import drag racing in the mid 90s, Adam set multiple records and took championships up against names like David Buschur and Vinny Ten. And after a long time under wraps, Adam brought his wild NSX out to the Donut Garage to see what made it tick. Spoiler alert - lots of carbon. And titanium. Wish a dash of unobtanium.

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