Record Breaker Carbon Fiber Evo: The Legendary HKS CT230R

Auto Focus Channel : Season 2, Episode 33

March 16, 2020

Back in 2006, time attack records were a hot ticket among Japan’s tuning houses - proving their mettle at the seemingly simple, but unforgiving Tsukuba Circuit. To the point where they began building cars with one single goal - to beat the Tsukuba time attack record. So when HKS showed up to party, they didn’t f around. They build this: the carbon fiber clad CT230r Evo. After a few “evolutions” (lol), the car set a time of 55 seconds around the track - a record that would take years to beat. That’s impressive, especially considering that this thing has such limited aero compared to modern day time attack beasts.

Ep. 131

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