Carburated R34 Skyline?? Tokyo Auto Salon is Insane (and it's JDM Heaven)

Auto Focus Channel : Season 2, Episode 23

March 02, 2020

Tokyo Auto Salon is a bucket list item for any JDM head in the car game - but really, anyone that's into car culture. For this whole week, Larry and his crew are covering some of Japan's wildest, most historic, or least-known yet most interesting builds - kicking off with a Liberty Walk R34 Skyline GT-R. But this thing isn't packing a crazy built RB, some wild engine swap, or making anywhere near 1000hp. Nope, this thing is backdated in the best way possible - with a carbureted L31 Nissan inline six under the hood. Sure, purists may cry that this probably makes the same or less power than a stock R34. But that's what we love about Japan. It's such a wonderfully weird yet awesome take on an automotive legend. 

Ep. 121

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