2JZ Swapped Ford Mustang Drift Hero Saved From the Scrapyard - in just 30 Days!

Auto Focus Channel : Season 2, Episode 20

February 25, 2020

Trevor Jamison - aka Motion Auto TV - is an absolute legend. Builder, driver, problem solver, and part madman - who else would think to swap an old JDM iron block into a brand new Ford Mustang? BUT, the real talent comes in with how this car communicates with itself. Trevor figured out all the crazy ways to make modern electronics / body harnesses to talk to way older electronics from a whole different country. If that sounds simple to you, trust us - it definitely isn't. And to torture test the thing, Trevor took it on the epic #DriftWeek 2020 trip and proved that this thing can go the distance. All while towing its own trailer, too.

Ep. 118

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